About us

UrbanTurban was born from inspiration with oriental headwear, rethought and redesigned for the women who live in the big cities. It’s made to encourage and empower.

Women all over the world wear UrbanTurban headwear, be they fashion aficionados, or want to honour their religious traditions, or those who are recovering from chemo.

This is us

The brand was launched in 2018 by two women — Natalia and Deborah.

Natalia is the founder and ideologist, while Deborah is in charge of performance, following the craftsmanship embedded in the Nigerian tradition of head-wrap.

Our vision

All UrbanTurban headwear is handmade and ready to wear. We create collections inspired by the big cities and neighbourhoods: New York, Hollywood, Paris, Harajuku, Moscow… We always keep in mind the needs and longings of a modern woman and she is in the heart of our every model.

Our mission

Our turbans  are made within a mission to celebrate individuality. In this world of copies we seek for originality. Our turban is designed for a woman who will not be waiting for a special day to wear it, because she is striving to make every day special.


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